Pool heating Options – which is best?

When it comes to pool heating systems, the options can be confusing and finding the one to suit your needs can be challenging. Many pool companies have different suggested brands, and it can be hard to determine if they are offering you the best option or only offering you the products they are affiliated with. […]

Maximising your swimming pool all year round

Your swimming pool is an investment in your home for your family and your friends. Enjoying a pool for only a few months throughout the year is a waste! Fully maximise your swimming pool this year throughout spring, summer, autumn and winter with a gas pool heater. Increase the value and usage of your pool […]

Pool heating for Sydneysiders

Your swimming pools are not only an investment for your home but also in your memories. Many summers and school holidays spent by the pool, BBQ’s and get-togethers is a way to have fun and relax. That is why we help owners increase the value and usage of their pools. We install quality gas or […]

Is gas pool heating safe for kids?

Why gas heating? With unpredictable weather and a handful of eager young swimmers, it is beneficial to invest in pool heating to ensure swim-able water temperature all-year-round. Gas pool heating is becoming increasingly popular in Sydney, mostly due to its incredible benefits. Gas pool heating is fast, clean, reliable and energy efficient. With a quick […]

Pool heating for the holiday season

The holiday season is officially here! Your pool is an essential asset to your family during the summer holidays, especially on Christmas Day and the long school holidays. Nothing beats having all your closest friends and family around for a BBQ and swim during this season! Are you planning on hosting an event this summer? […]

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