Hydronic Heating Systems

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic heating in Sydney is the most comfortable and luxurious heat you will ever experience. With natural convection and radiant heat, your home or workplace will achieve the warmth you desire without stirring dust and allergens. You won't feel that stuffy feeling many other heating options such as central heating and split system air conditioners create.

Hydronic heating systems can be installed under/in the floor, floor mounted radiators, wall-mounted radiators or even a combination of these methods. At the heart of the system is a boiler, the boiler heats the water. This hot water is then sent through the pipes to the heating coils under the floor or in the heat radiating panels. This gentle warmth will heat your home in silence and comfort.

Hydronic Heating has been used widely in Europe for many generations and is becoming extremely popular within Australia as the warmth generated is second to none. Underfloor heating is also top-rated for individuals with chronic health conditions such as asthma, allergies and breathing difficulties as air is not blown into the home.

With constant temperature monitoring capabilities, your system will operate at its highest possible efficiency. Hydronic heating is estimated to be up to 35% more cost-effective than running a central ducted heating system.

Whatever the stage your house is up to, Norwest Gas can design, supply and install a hydronic heating system to suit your home and needs.

Whether you are looking for something traditional like Cast Iron radiators, standard steel panel radiators or something ultra-modern from Europe’s leading hydronic designers, Norwest Gas will find the solution for you.

Hydronic Heating

Benefits of Hydronic Heating

There are many benefits of hydronic heating listed below. Overall, we know you will not be disappointed by a hydronic heating system supplied and installed by Norwest Gas. Norwest Gas pay attention to detail and ensure that every job is installed safely and in accordance to the Australian gas codes and Australian standards.


Hydronic heating is non-allergenic. The system does not blow or force air circulation through the home rather uses radiators and natural convection.


Hydronic heating systems are modular and expandable. You can add radiators as your needs change. Simply organise Norwest Gas to plumb the new area, install the radiators and the job is done.


Not only are hydronic heating systems easy to use and low maintenance, but it is also estimated to be up to 35% more cost effective than running a central heating system. Underfloor heating systems allow areas of the house to be zoned in addition to room by room control, enabling you to achieve the desired temperatures when and where you need it.

Intelligent Thermostats

Thermostat options have advanced with functionalities now able to monitor and manage your home’s comfort and energy usage anytime, anywhere. Options also available include a learning thermostat which learns your heating patterns and schedules and will automatically adjust, keeping you comfortable and assisting in energy conservation!


Hydronic heating is environmentally clean with a natural gas or LPG fired boiler simply heating water which is then circulated throughout a closed system with the heat radiated by natural convection. This eliminates dust and allergens being blown throughout your home.


Hydronic heating is safe for all: elderly, children and even pets. There is no danger of a burn or scald, as the system is fully enclosed with radiator temperatures well below boiling point. The surface temperature of natural convectors is pleasantly warm to the touch.


There is a wide range of hydronic heating radiators available on the market these days providing you with the ultimate solution for both style and comfort. There are extensive ranges of radiator sizes to meet all heating requirements with attractive panels, top grills and side covers. Thermaboard skiting convectors are even available to take the place of a skiting board including rolled edge and traditional styles. The options seem endless from mirrors, to artwork and even statues!


Hydronic heating systems are designed to be very reliable. Simply arrange Norwest Gas to install. Then once you turn it on or pre-set the system, you can forget about anything else. There are even learning thermostats available which learn your heating needs and will automatically heat your home the way you like it. The only moving parts are in the pump which is used to circulate the hot water to the radiators and convectors, these pumps are designed to provide a long trouble free life.


One of the nicest features of hydronic heating is the silence during operation. If you are used to the noise of wall heaters, space heaters and some fan forced ducted units, you will be amazed and delighted by the silence of the system. Boilers are away from the room, so there is no blast of hot air or fan noise. From the time you turn your hydronic heating system on, there is no sound, just pleasant warmth.


Hydronic heating provides warmth the way nature does by natural convection and radiation and does not dry out the air by burning or causing unpleasant draughts, hot spots and noise.

Comfortable and Safe Heating Choice

  • No cold spots – Hydronic heating provides warmth evenly to all corners of your home.
  • Safe to touch – The wall panels are warm to the touch but will not burn. Creating a safe heating option for children and pets.
  • No dust or allergens – Hydronic heating does not use forced air ventilation which can circulate dust and allergens around your home. Allowing you to breathe in clean air and reducing allergies and asthma symptoms.
  • Constant temperature – Hydronic heating provides a constant temperature at all times, allowing you to enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to deal with changing room temperatures.

Eco-Friendly Home Heating

  • Requires less energy operate compared to electricity reliant ducted air conditioning.
  • Lower carbon emissions.
  • Long lasting systems eliminate units being sent to landfill.
  • Wall panels are made from materials that can be recycled in the future.
Protecting the Earth

5 Ways Hydronic Heating will save you money

  • Uses up to 70% less energy than other electricity reliant systems.
  • Requires very little maintenance, saving you money in the future.
  • Adds value to your home and a unique feature if you choose to sell your home.
  • No need for expensive air purifiers around your home. Hydronic heating will keep you warm and comfortable in the cooler months without circulating harmful dust and allergens.
  • Long lifespan. Your Hydronic Heating system will last for over 20 years, unlike 7-10 years on ducted heating.

Hydronic Heating vs Other Home Heating Options

Why Hydronic Heating is a Better Choice

Hydronic Heating is one of the best substitutes from the conventional heating methods, and though there are also benefits that come with the traditional ways, it will be an advantage if we can experience the great effects of heating without necessarily having to deal with the inconveniences that usually come with traditional heating. There are certain restrictions that made traditional heating methods the poor choice in terms of providing the best warmth and comfort for your home. So, with all the benefits that come with hydronic heating, there should be no reason for you to settle for second-best.

When you consider your heating options for your house or business, you expect to gain benefits from the investment. Although a hydronic heating system may cost higher for installation than the usual fan-forced duct system, you can enjoy its cost-efficiency as soon as it’s installed!

So while you research your traditional heating solutions, make sure that you look into hydronic heating as it could be suitable for your requirements. It will allow you to enjoy your surroundings on the coldest of days, while saving the environment and keeping your costs down. Norwest Gas heating experts are happy to speak to you further about hydronic heating. Contact our friendly team today!

Running costs of hydronic heating can be very low compared to other types of heating. If you have a gas boiler, the water used for heating is recycled through the boiler. Because it is still warm when it reaches the boiler, less gas is required to reheat it. This helps make the running cost of a hydronic heating system up to 35% more cost effective than running a central heating system.

Tips for Reducing the Running Costs of Your Hydronic Heating

There are several things you can do to reduce the running costs of a hydronic heating system even further:

  • Choose a high-efficiency system designed for the area you need to heat.
  • Lower the thermostat just one degree and save up to 10 percent on your running costs.
  • Install a zone system so you can heat only the areas of your house that need heating.
  • Have your system serviced annually to ensure it is running at peak performance, maintaining top efficiency as well as ensuring your system lasts longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydronic Heating

Do you offer commercial underfloor heating solutions?
Norwest Gas can supply and install underfloor heating solutions to domestic and commercial applications including childcare centres, aged care facilities, motels, hospitals, office blocks, restaurants etc.
How often will my underfloor heating need to be serviced?
It is recommended that your hydronic floor heating in Sydney (underfloor and/or radiators) is serviced annually to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.
I have an existing home; can I install underfloor heating?
Yes, underfloor heating can be installed in an existing home, this is usually performed when the flooring is being upgraded/changed. The installation of underfloor heating would need to be performed prior to the new flooring being chosen and installed. If thinking about a new floor and wanting heating, contact us today and we can assist you in your needs.


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