Radiant Tube

Understanding Infrared Heat

Tube heaters are a cost effective and efficient option for hard to heat spaces such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, loading docks, car washes, greenhouses, garages, machine shops and farm buildings.

Radiant Tube


Detroit Radiant Re-Verber-Ray EDX Gas-Fired, Single Stage, Infra-Red Heaters

  • Inputs of 53 to 158 MJ/h
  • Available in Tube Lengths of 6710 to 18365 mm
  • Coated Titanium or Aluminized Combustion Chamber
  • Coated/Uncoated Aluminized or Optional Economy
  • Hot Rolled Steel Radiant Tubes
  • Highly Polished Aluminum Reflectors
  • Stainless Steel Burner
  • Spark Ignition System
  • Enameled Control Box
  • Optional #3 Brushed Stainless Steel Control Box
  • Optional `U` or `L` Configuration
Packed with quality features, the EDX Series represents the highest quality single stage low intensity tube heater available anywhere. Performance is enhanced through the use of a specially designed stainless steel burner and coated titanium and/or aluminized steel combustion and radiant emitter tubes.The EDX Series offers superior low intensity heat, performance and longevity.

HL3 Series: Premier, Two-stage Infrared Heater

The HL3 Series is at the forefront of today’s most efficient range of infrared tube heaters. With a patented two-stage technology, the HL3 series do not disappoint when it comes to quality heating and energy saving. Made from the highest quality materials available, you can be confident that your HL3 Infrared Heater will last for years.
  • Tool-free controls access.
  • Unit is serviceable even during operation.
  • Separated gas burner and air chamber.
  • Ignition tubes are placed symmetrically.
  • Easy servicing. Thanks to hinged control compartment.
  • ABS plastic air intake collar for connection to 4” PVC/DDW pipe.
  • 3-piece compartment cover.


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