Maintenance and Service

Maintenance prolongs the life of your hydronic heating system and ensures that it continues operating as efficiently as possible.

Norwest Gas offer a maintenance program, it is recommended that we service your hydronic heating system annually to ensure your system continues to maintain its efficiency and to prolong the life of your system. Customers that did not have their hydronic heating system installed by Norwest Gas are welcome to contact us to join our maintenance program.

How often does my system need servicing?

Norwest Gas recommend that your hydronic heating system is serviced annually.

How often does my system need a Power Flush?

If you carry out regular, annual service and maintenance, then a preventable power flush should only be necessary every 5 – 6 years. A Power Flush will clear debris and prevent and significant blockages from taking hold. This is however, dependant on the system you have. For example, some boilers use copper heat exchangers rather than stainless steel which will corrode quicker.

Planning on replacing a boiler?

If you are planning on replacing your boiler, it is important to speak to advise Norwest Gas so we can perform a power flush before the installation of a new boiler to prevent contaminating the new boiler with damaging sludge and debris that may be contained within the pipework. Norwest Gas can assist with all maintenance and servicing to ensure your system operates at optimal performance, contact our friendly team for assistance.
Maintenance and Service


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