Gas Pool Heaters

Gas Pool Heating

With today’s technology, gas pool heating is highly efficient, clean, reliable and safe. You can set your desired temperature on the easy to use control panel or via your remote control, and the outdoor heater will do the rest!

Norwest Gas will design and install a gas pool heating system that will easily raise the temperature of your pool by 12 to 15 degrees centigrade in around 24 hours – although you won’t usually want to raise the temperature that much. Most of the time, you'll only want to raise the temperature a few degrees. You will achieve this in a much shorter time. Our energy-efficient heating systems will shut off while automatically maintaining the desired temperature.

Heaters can be installed outdoors or indoors and are available for use with natural gas or LPG.

Whether wanting to heat a pool or spa, our high-performance options will have you satisfied.

We are not an “Online Pool Shop” – however, our prices are still the cheapest! Unlike some of the online shops who are happy to sell to you, then leave you on your own. We are licensed plumbers and gasfitters who can give advice and, depending on your area, install any pool heating equipment we sell.

In many cases, the equipment you purchase online may not be suitable, or even legal to install in your particular application. At Norwest Gas, we will ask the right questions to ensure what you are buying will suit your needs.

Gas Pool Heater

Why Gas Heating?

Gas pool heaters are fast, reliable and efficient. In most cases, they are less expensive than electric or solar systems, and you don’t have to have ugly pipes all over your roof. Usually, the heating system is installed in one day so you can have a warm pool for an early morning swim the day after installation.

They can be used all year round and in all weather conditions. If you are having a BBQ and you decide you want to use your pool. Rather than waiting ages for it to heat up, you can enjoy it quickly, regardless of the season or weather conditions.

Solar panels don't even compare!

Our gas pool heating services are available in the Blue Mountains region, including Katoomba, Blackheath, Leura, Wentworth Falls, Lawson, Woodford, Springwood, and Glenbrook.

Our services are also available in the Sydney region, including the Hills District, Parramatta, Chatswood, North Sydney, Northern Beaches, Inner Sydney, Campbelltown, Sutherland, Manly, Penrith, Bankstown, and further west, including Bathurst, Lithgow, Oberon, Orange and the Central Tablelands.

For more information regarding our Sydney gas pool heating services, call us now on 1300 499 169 or check out our blog.

Gas Pool Heaters

Norwest Gas only uses the best gas pool heaters supplied from MasterTemp, iNSNRG and AstralPool Heaters. We can supply and install any other gas pool heater as required. See our range below:

MasterTemp Heaters


AstralPool Heaters


What is the difference between Natural Gas and LPG?

Natural Gas runs from underground mains to the house, where as LPG is bottled gas.

How are gas heaters better than other types of pool heaters?

Gas pool heaters are fast, reliable and efficient. It can be used all year round in all weather conditions compared to other options such as Solar or Heat Pumps. Your swimming pool can rise in temperature of 1.5° Celsius per hour compared to ½ a degree Celsius or less per hour with a heat pump. Check out more about Pool Heating.

How long will my gas pool heater be able to continuously run?

Gas pool heaters can be used 24/7, unless running from LPG bottles.

Will I be able to do any maintenance or repairs on my gas pool heater?

No, maintenance and repairs need to be completed by a qualified tradesman only. All gas work should only be completed and managed by a licenced Gasfitter and in accordance with both the Australian Standards and Gas Codes. We are more than happy to assist you if you’d like to contact us. Our licensed professionals know their stuff.


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