Why choose gas pool heating?

Your swimming pool is a big part of your home and your lifestyle. To get the most out of your pool, you need the water to be heated, especially on colder days. This will revolutionise the way you use and enjoy your pool. When it comes to heating, there is one method that stands above […]

What to look for in heating installers

When it comes to choosing a heating installation company, it can be hard to know what exactly to seek. As with any service, there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the right company. In this blog, we discuss some of the critical things to look for when deciding on a heating technician. Experience Having […]

How to tell if your home heating system is efficient

Whether you have underfloor heating or a hydronic heating system, you want to make sure that it is running at peak efficiency. To guide you, we have compiled this article to help assess and determine the effectiveness of your heating system and the steps you can take to improve your options. Speed of heat-up Most […]

How to tell if your swimming pool heater is efficient

If you are a pool owner, you understand the struggle of keeping thousands of litres of water at the desired temperature in a cost-effective and efficient way. We at Norwest Gas recommend the use of gas pool heaters. In our experience, this heater type is the most efficient and it’s a great money-saving option over […]

The science behind a warm home

Recent studies by the World Health Organisation (WHO) have concluded that colder homes contribute to more health problems and risks. Whether you actually realise it or not, a cold home can have negative impacts on your wellbeing. Some effects are long-term, whilst others are more immediate. Your home is your sanctuary. No matter what life […]

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