Energy-efficient heating for your home

The months of autumn up to early spring come with cooler weather. If your house is not properly fitted, you can expect bigger energy expenses for your heating. In an average Australian home, 40% of all energy is used for heating and cooling. That’s a large percentage that can be minimised with more efficient heating […]

A beginners guide to underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is the ultimate luxurious heating solutions. It works by warming up your home from the floor upwards. This form of radiant heating is different from the high temperature provided by radiators, which works by convicting warm air around the room. The main advantage of underfloor heating is its high level of performance. Radiant […]

Common underfloor heating questions

Hydronic heating which, comprises of either and/or both underfloor heating and radiators, has become one of the most popular heating methods for homes and buildings, both domestically and commercially due to its efficient and effective performance. Are you looking for an underfloor heating solution or perhaps just want to know more about it? Read on […]

What to look for in heating installers

When it comes to choosing a heating installation company, it can be hard to know what exactly to seek. As with any service, there are multiple factors to consider when selecting the right company. In this blog, we discuss some of the critical things to look for when deciding on a heating technician. Experience Having […]

How to tell if your home heating system is efficient

Whether you have underfloor heating or a hydronic heating system, you want to make sure that it is running at peak efficiency. To guide you, we have compiled this article to help assess and determine the effectiveness of your heating system and the steps you can take to improve your options. Speed of heat-up Most […]

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