Why choose Norwest Gas

Why choose Norwest Gas

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Looking for gas heating experts can be a difficult task. Researching can take hours just to find a reliable specialist.

Every gas heating company has its perks and specialities. Some may offer services you need but don’t completely match the requirements you are searching for.

With Norwest gas, you can never go wrong.

Norwest Gas specialises in all aspects of gas and pool heating systems.

Our team is made up of licensed plumbers, gas fitters and LP gas installers with over 50 years of experience in domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

What to look for in gas heating specialists?

When scoping out a gas heating professional, you want to look for a few quality assurance indicators.

This often includes traits such as their experience, expertise and effectiveness of their solutions.

Every company has its own niche and specialty, but only a few will suit your needs perfectly.

Heating professionals with more experience will have a wider span of knowledge, having worked in the trade for years or decades.

The longevity of the company speaks for itself. Customers trust companies with a history in the trade.

In most cases, experience leads to expertise. Although, it is often for younger companies to claim to have bounds of knowledge about the trade without the experience to back this up.

This can lead to customers having difficulty in putting relatively expensive and important gas heating matters into their hands.

If you’re looking for trusted, well-oriented, experienced experts in gas pool heating solutions, make sure you call up companies with a few decades of experience under their belt.

What to look for in gas heating specialists?

The importance of quality customer service

Whether it’s installing a hydronic heating system in your kids’ bedrooms or a swimming pool heater in your outdoor pool, having a gas heating specialist with more than experience and knowledge will go a long way.

You need an expert that understands the household dynamic. Someone who will be able to tailor solutions to your specific family-oriented needs.

A gas heating company with quality customer service will be able to handle a very stressful situation and will understand the importance of quick response time.

Above all, complete customer satisfaction lies in the effective solutions provided. When it comes to heating your home or pool, every property requires a different configuration and specific needs.

Professional and experienced gas heating companies know how to tailor their solutions to suit your needs.

Norwest Gas is a family-owned and run business that specialises in all aspects of the heating industry.

The team has carried out thousands of gas installations over the decades, including:

  • Design and installation of hydronic heating systems (Underfloor and radiant heating)
  • Swimming pool and spa heating
  • Commercial and industrial heating applications
  • Outdoor and venue heating

Hydronic heating is estimated to be up to 35% more cost-effective than running a central ducted heating system.

It is the most comfortable and luxurious heat you will ever experience.

Using natural convection and radiant heat, your home or workplace will achieve the warmth you desire without stirring dust and allergens or creating that stuffy feeling.

If you are renovating or looking for alternative heating solutions, then consider underfloor heating. It works by heating your home from the floor upwards.

This form of radiant heating is different from the heat provided by radiators, which works by moving warm air around the room.

Swimming pool heaters expand the use of your pool with clean, efficient and effective means. With remote control options, your swimming pool heater can be the perfect addition to your home.

And Norwest Gas are the experts at pool heater installation and maintenance that you’re looking for.

What are you waiting for? Call Norwest Gas today on 1300 499 169 to enquire about our tailored expert solutions for your home and pool heating needs.

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