Why choose gas pool heating?

Why choose gas pool heating?

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Your swimming pool is a big part of your home and your lifestyle.

To get the most out of your pool, you need the water to be heated, especially on colder days. This will revolutionise the way you use and enjoy your pool.

When it comes to heating, there is one method that stands above the rest. Gas pool heaters are the ultimate form of pool heating as we endeavour to explain in this article.

The benefits of gas pool heating are simple to understand. And whether you already own a pool or are thinking about getting one, we’re sure you’ll be convinced.


We all lead busy lives, especially with the changes that have occurred this year. A lot is different and there are multiple aspects of life we are now juggling.

We need efficiency in all areas of living, but that is impossible (any parent can attest to that). However, settling for efficient processes in as many areas is a good goal.

Gas pool heating uses resources very well, and this, in turn, saves your money and time. You spend less effort waiting for the pool to heat up and more time enjoying your backyard.


Unlike other heating methods, gas pool heating works rain, hail or shine. Meaning, you can get practical use all year round.

When the relatives call and say they are visiting and you don’t have long to prepare, you at least know your pool will be warm and ready for the kids.

Even after extensive use, you know that your pool heater will last a long time. Especially here at Norwest Gas, our systems are guaranteed and installed by fully-licensed professionals.


When taken into consideration, an effective pool heating system adds a lot of value to your home.

If you opt to put up your property for sale or rent, it adds immense worth. But even if you know you are planning on living there for years to come, you gain value through its function.


When compared to other pool heating systems, gas pool heating rises above the competition in the speed it heats your pool. It is the fastest heating solution.

The rate it works allows you to run the system for less time, which helps prolong the life of the equipment. So, it is a win-win!

If you are looking at improving your pool heating system and want something with many benefits that blow the competition away, then think gas pool heating.

You deserve the best for your home and family, and the best is Norwest Gas. Our experienced technicians can provide you with premium gas pool heaters that work like a charm.

We can get your pool winter-ready quickly and affordably. For more detailed information, contact our friendly staff at 1300 469 169.

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