Solar pool heating vs gas pool heating

Solar pool heating vs gas pool heating

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Many people have no doubt heard of solar power heating as an option for heating swimming pools. It is easy to be swayed into thinking that this is the best option. However, many of our customers who have had solar installed end up opting for Gas Pool Heating as Solar does not come close to gas pool heating when considering efficiency, reliability and performance.


Gas heating is the most efficient option on the market for warming up your pool.

Both large and small pools can be heated quickly no matter the weather, season or time of day. This is important because having an efficient system will ultimately impact the running costs and wear and tear along with increased use of your swimming pool.

Another thing is that gas pool heaters don’t have to be extremely large, whereas solar heaters need to be at least 50% of the pool’s surface to properly and efficiently heat the water. These are just a few reasons to choose gas heating if you require an efficient method.


Although solar heating is considered clean energy, to achieve your desired result with solar pool heating, you will find that you will generally need to install a gas pool heater to boost the performance of the solar heating in order to achieve your desired results.

The Gas Pool Heater Manufacturers that we work with are constantly evolving and improving their products to ensuring that the swimming pool heaters are not only highly efficient, but some are even certified with Low NOx emissions.

By having one of our licensed gas fitters and heating professionals install your pool heating system, you are guaranteed to have an effective and reliable system that won’t need to run as long as others. This saves you energy and money as well as frustration of underperforming products.

Gas pool heating

All year round

Solar pool heaters are not suitable all year round. They are only effective when they can gather energy from the sun. So even on overcast days, the system may not perform well. This is obviously a problem because cloudy or winter days are when you will likely want your pool heated the most. Even when the solar heaters are able to generate the warmth, it may not be able to reach your desired temperature, or maintain your desired temperature, particularly given how quickly the weather can change.

Gas pool heaters work all year round regardless of the weather or amount of sunshine. Gas Pool Heaters quickly heat your pool — and during sunny days, it can warm up the water to the set temperature and then effectively maintain the temperature which in turn, minimises energy consumption.

Heated swimming pool

Size and appearance

A beautiful outdoor area with a manicured garden and featured swimming pool can be ruined by a bulky and messy solar heater system.

Generally, the panels will be placed on the roof with multiple tubes that will need to run down the side of your home and towards your pool to pump the water. Not to mention the actual heating system. This can really impact the overall style of your home.

And when not on the roof, solar panels are located somewhere near the pool area. This can be an eyesore as due to the size necessity, it can be hard to miss.

It is clear that solar pool heaters aren’t as good as gas pool heaters. This is why at Norwest Gas, we only offer the best pool heating solutions in Sydney.

For more information regarding electric or gas pool heaters and any maintenance needs, contact our knowledgeable staff at 1300 499 169 and obtain an effective, clean and affordable pool heating solution today!

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