Pool heating for the holiday season

Pool heating for the holiday season

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The holiday season is officially here!

Your pool is an essential asset to your family during the summer holidays, especially on Christmas Day and the long school holidays.

Nothing beats having all your closest friends and family around for a BBQ and swim during this season!

Are you planning on hosting an event this summer? With Christmas, New Years and Australia Day all within proximity, a heated pool has never been so convenient!

To see why you should utilise your pool heater this season, keep reading below.

Keeps your pool welcoming through unpredictable weather

While major holidays like Christmas and Australia Day fall in the summer, we all know the ideal weather of a warm sunny day is not always the case.

In fact, over the years, these holidays are known to bring a rainy or cloudy climate.

Although this weather can seem to ruin the idea of the kid’s long-awaited plans for jumping in the pool, swimming pool heaters can stop this from happening.

With a heated pool, you don’t need to worry if the sun will be hiding.

You can still enjoy your BBQ and let the kids go crazy in the pool without worrying about them freezing. Simply keep your pool heater on an ideal temperature setting!

Plus, you can still let them go for a swim even in the event of rain!

Heating will keep the kids active and entertained all holiday long

Sometimes, school holidays can feel like they never end! Instead of trying to find an activity to busy the kids each day, you can rely on your heated pool to entertain the kids!

Having a pool ready regardless of the season is perfect for those days when you can’t find anything to do or just want to stay at home.

You can get value from your pool, whether it has an electric or gas pool heater.

Heating will keep the kids active and entertained all holiday long

You have the convenience of not having to worry about the weather when you have a heated pool.

Hot, cold or windy, your heated pool will provide your kids with a welcoming warmth that can be used despite the outside temperature.

If you have nothing planned, your heated swimming pool is always a great backup plan. Plus, it will keep them active for those weeks that they aren’t in school!

Installing a pool heater if you don’t have one already

Heated swimming pools are always a useful feature in general. They are an even better addition for those backyard parties or gatherings in the holiday season!

If you have a pool but does not have a heating system, let us improve your backyard by adding one in for you!

At Norwest Gas, we provide professional pool heating installation to pools across Sydney. When it comes to heating systems for the pool, we offer two choices: electric and gas.

Electric pool heaters are a low cost and affordable options that work in reverse to air conditioners.

By extracting heat in the air, they transfer it your pool or spa, gradually warming it up. This is the recommended choice if natural gas isn’t available.

Gas pool heating is the most effective method as they are fast and reliable. It can heat a pool in less than 8 hours, no matter the weather conditions.

On top of this, a gas pool heater can generally be installed within a day, meaning you can have a heated pool ready for use the next day.

Are you ready to make this holiday season the best one yet? Get your swimming pool sorted with a heating system!

It isn’t too late, contact us now on 1300 499 169 or visit our website and request a quote!

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