Important information about hydronic heating

Important information about hydronic heating

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In today’s day and age, people are looking for cheap, effective and eco-friendly options to heat their homes. A promising choice is hydronic heating.

Whether you own a hydronic heating system or are thinking about purchasing one, there are some things you need to know.

In this article, we have compiled some important information about hydronic heating and how it can help keep you warm and cosy.

It is efficient

Because hydronic heating systems function by circulating hot water around rather than pumping air, it can be more effective when trying to heat larger rooms.

It works on the principle of thermal radiation which is why hydronic underfloor heating is becoming so popular.

With this system, a whole room can be heated evenly without clunky or unsightly machinery and noise.

Hydronic heating

When you have air-based pumps, what usually happens is that only the object and space directly in line of the air is heated while other areas are left cold.

With hydronic heating and its even impact on a room, you can typically run systems for less time than others, which adds to the efficiency.

Most systems now use efficient methods of boiling water and using any excess heat that is produced to pre-heat the water before boiling. This ensures less energy waste, which lowers your bills and the carbon footprint.

Perfect for new homes

Hydronic heating, specifically underfloor heating, is perfect for new homes as the floor or wall cavities can easily be accessed.

This isn’t to say that pre-existing homes can’t be fitted. But if you are developing or renovating your home, that is the perfect time to consider hydronic heating.

With the pipes and heat source out of sight, you can enjoy your living space and its warmth without compromising on ugly or clunky fixtures.

Underfloor heating

Even if you opt for the radiator type, many modern radiators look sleek and can add some style to the home.


Another great aspect of hydronic heating is that you can heat up one room, or perhaps one area of the home, without having to do it to the whole house. This has positive implications on your efficiency and energy bills.

This means less-used areas of the home can remain unaffected, while the important areas such as living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms can have the main heat directed to them.

With this said, multiple people can set their room or a section of the house to different temperatures without impeding or affecting others.

Hydronic heating system


This is all dependent on your home. Because we custom design and build heating solutions, it is always best to have an expert come to you and discuss your needs and the most affordable solution.

Hydronic heating systems, due to their efficiency and popularity, will save you money in the long run.

It is also an investment. If you ever want to sell your property, having hydronic heating is desirable.

These are just some of the crucial pieces of information that surround hydronic heating.

If you are interested in learning more or perhaps want to get your very own hydronic heating in Sydney, then contact our friendly and experienced staff at 1300 565 188.

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