Hydronic heating options for your home or office

Hydronic heating options for your home or office

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Comfort and luxury – that is precisely what you can achieve in a household or workplace when you install hydronic heating.

This heating solution is environmentally friendly and silent, it uses natural convection and radiant heat to warm up a room.

Unlike other heating methods, hydronic heating provides gentle heat while avoiding dust and allergens without making your home feel stuffy and overbearingly warm. This makes it ideal for those with chronic health conditions such as asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies.

Hydronic heating features a gas-fired boiler at the heart of the system where water is heated. This hot water is then directed to the pipes, where it is released through the heating coils.

Depending on your system, this can be either under the floor or in the heat radiating panels.

This heating method is popular and efficient for a good reason, since hydronic heating is adaptable and comes in multiple formations.

If you are interested in installing this heating solution, you have a few options to choose from.

Keep reading below to discover the different ways a hydronic heating system can be installed.


Our hydronic radiators are a timeless form of heating. They are a sleek and silent choice that works well in both residential and commercial settings.

This option is a modern take on the classic radiator, making it an excellent substitute for the old-school heating solution.

At Norwest Gas, we believe aesthetics should not be sacrificed in favour of heating. Therefore, we offer a wide selection of radiator designs and colours to suit your home or office, including our mirror style. This way, we can guarantee a design that will complement whatever the environment.

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Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is an effective yet invisible solution. It is a popular choice of hydronic heating in Australia.

Cloaked underneath the floor, it banishes clunky machinery, relying on pipes in the hidden concrete flooring to evenly heat the room from the floor upwards.

This allows a cleaner and more flexible design as it takes up no space, perfect for both homes and workspaces!

This heating form is incredibly clean and is the desired solution to both new and existing homes. It is also recommended for commercial applications where comfort and warmth are a priority, such as a restaurant, office block, hotel, hospital or aged care facility.

Towel warmers

Our hydronic towel warmers provide a luxury heating feature to any bathroom as it provides a combination of warmth and comfort. This heating method delivers luxuriously warm and dry towels that are ready to use at all times of the day.

Additionally, a towel warmer can also warm up the bathroom itself.

With all the tiles, wet areas can be one of the coldest areas in the home, making the towel warmer a beacon of warmth absorbed by the environment.

Ranging from classic to modern, our towel warmers vary in design. We also offer innovative models, promising a towel heater to suit your bathroom.

Are you interested in installing one of these forms of hydronic heating? Contact Norwest Gas! Providing hydronic heating solutions to Sydney, Blue Mountains and Newcastle, we can help you.

Explore our website or give our team a call on 1300 499 169 to discuss more.

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