How to save money and heat your home

How to save money and heat your home

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When the cold creeps into your home uninvited, then we often launch a full-frontal attack to regain our comfort.

We love comfy and cosy homes, but we hate having to pay exorbitant prices in order to maintain our homes at a reasonable temperature.

Norwest Gas are heating experts – and we have compiled a list of ways to heat your home without overspending.

1) Efficient systems

When looking to save money whilst using a heating system, it is most important that operation is efficient.

If you have a system that heats the home but wastes a lot of energy or requires hours and hours to heat one room, then money will be lost.

Installing or upgrading your heating system to be more efficient requires some initial investment. But over time, it will save money.

Choose systems, such as underfloor heating, that are advanced, efficient and can heat rooms evenly.

Underfloor heating system

2) Windows, doors and curtains

This is a physical thing that can be done but can directly impact your home’s heat.

By ensuring windows and doors are properly insulated, the heat circulating in your home won’t escape as easily.

It also means that the cold from outside or other rooms will not seep through and reduce the temperature.

During the day, if possible, let the sun into your home. And at night, draw the curtains in order to circulate the heat.

Open window

3) No impeding items

This may seem strange, but the position of your furniture can impede the heat from circulating.

An example is if there is one chair that absorbs all the heat. It may be comfortable when sitting on the chair, but the whole room will remain cold.

Plus, if any items are blocking the heaters, then it could be a fire safety hazard. Also, the machine may work extra hard for the entire room to reach the desired temperature.

Underfloor heating eliminates the problem of furniture placement because it works effectively regardless of the floor plan.

Living room

Heating systems can account for up to 70% of energy consumption in some homes. This is why it is important to maximise heating efforts.

Every little thing we do can help save energy and money. This can have a positive impact on our wallets as well as the environment.

If you want to find out more ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and save money, then talk to our heating experts at Norwest Gas by phoning 1300 565 188 today. We can help you by servicing current systems or installing entirely new ones.



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