Benefits of underfloor heating

Benefits of underfloor heating

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Finding an effective heating solution for your home or business is essential. During cold winters, heating systems may be running all day and this can drive electricity bills through the roof.

In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of underfloor heating and how you can get your very own installed.

1) Efficient

When compared to traditional methods of home heating, underfloor heating comes out as the most efficient. It can warm up entire rooms with less time and energy. Because of how well it works,

it is a popular choice internationally and is growing in demand across Australia.

Some say they are 25% more efficient than radiators. This is because the whole floor of the room or house becomes one giant radiator. Your running costs will be reduced, and the heat is better maintained.

2 ) Consistent

Once underfloor heating is initiated, the whole room will evenly heat up. Unlike other methods, you won’t need to switch it on and off, redirect the heat or move around to heat-specific sections.

The whole room or house is heated evenly which means you will consistently get results. It doesn’t matter what the layout of the room is – everyone will benefit and feel comfortable.

3 ) Eco-friendly

Due to the high efficiency, this heating solution is good for the environment. It can be used for less time and saves not only money, but precious resources as well.

For people planning an eco-based home, this heating option is the best. If you are looking to upgrade your heating method and live greener, then again, choose underfloor heating.

4) Space saver

It can be annoying to have big, clunky machines sitting either on the floor or in a window, all designed just to heat a section of a room.

Unlike others, underfloor heating is out of sight – literally under the floor – yet its impact can be felt in the entire room.

Because underfloor heating is conveniently installed within the floor, you don’t have to worry if the couch will fit or get alarmed about the TV being too near to the unit.

5) Safe

With other heating units, especially gas fire, you must be careful not to place furniture, curtains or items too close for risk of flames igniting. If a unit is left on at night, it could overheat, and a fire could spread through the whole house.

Underfloor heating works safely and removes the risk of igniting any items. The intelligent system can easily be managed, and timers can be adjusted to ensure ultimate safety and efficiency.


There really isn’t a better choice for home, office or commercial heating than underfloor heating. It is efficient, good for the environment and safe for users and properties.

We, at Norwest Gas, are the heating experts and can help you heat your home today. If you would like more convincing or further information regarding underfloor heating, then call our friendly staff at 1300 565 188.

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