5 hydronic heating myths debunked

5 hydronic heating myths debunked

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Hydronic heating systems are useful methods of warming up homes and businesses throughout Sydney.

Although there are common misconceptions about this, we will quickly debunk them and leave you with no doubt that using hydronic heating in Sydney is ideal and effective.

In this article, we’ll debunk some common myths regarding hydronic heating and how you can get yours today!

1) Hydronic heating heats the floor but not the room

Some erroneously assume that hydronic heating systems, whether radiators or underfloor heating, only heat the floor or ground area of rooms or buildings. But when installed properly, hydronic heaters are designed to warm up the whole room/house evenly.

In the case of underfloor heating, our systems are carefully and effectively designed to properly heat entire rooms with ease.

2) Heat rises, therefore radiant systems will fail

It is not true that heat rises — hot air does. That is why systems that work by heating the air are actually less effective.

Yes, hot air systems will momentarily feel comfortable. But as hot air expands, it becomes less dense, therefore floating atop the cooler air. With this, inconsistent temperatures are inevitable.

Hydronic systems work by heating the surroundings, not just the air.

3) Hydronic heating is less effective

The truth is air-based systems are far less efficient. They are prone to air duct leaks, heat loss and long running times.

Radiant or hydronic heating is more efficient and, in the long run, actually helps reduce energy bills and maximises heat dispersion.

4) Hydronic heating takes a long time to heat up

Heating system technology has improved a lot in modern days. And it takes far less time for hydronic systems to heat up than their previous versions.

Although this may have once been true, the efficiency and speed of more modern hydronic systems are beyond compare.

5) Hydronic heating cannot be precise

Some believe that hydronic heating cannot offer precision control. This is so wrong! Hydronic heating solutions offer an unprecedented level of precision and can be used to heat specific zones of your home.

A tailored home system will allow you to heat single rooms or the entire home. This allows you to heat specific areas that are occupied.

Plus, if multiple people prefer various temperatures, they can adjust the thermostat levels of their section of the house.

Heating solutions have advanced a lot since their inception. And here at Norwest Gas, we offer high-quality and custom hydronic heating options for commercial or residential homes or businesses.

Having these common myths debunked should prove that hydronic heating is a viable and effective solution to invest in.

To discover more information or to get started with your own system, contact our knowledgeable and friendly team at 1300 499 169.

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