How to tell if your home heating system is efficient

How to tell if your home heating system is efficient

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Whether you have underfloor heating or a hydronic heating system, you want to make sure that it is running at peak efficiency.

To guide you, we have compiled this article to help assess and determine the effectiveness of your heating system and the steps you can take to improve your options.

Speed of heat-up

Most heating choices will have some start-up time. After all, it takes time to produce heat and you will need to wait a while for it to spread throughout the room or house.

But if you notice abnormally long heating times or start-up, then your system could require maintenance.

If it takes a while to heat up, it could be chewing up more energy and power than necessary which, in the long run, will cost you undue expense.


Does your heating system fail to heat entire rooms or your whole house properly? An underfloor heating system or hydronic heating solution should be able to warm your home accurately. Failure to do so could be a sign for needed maintenance.

Underfloor heating

These systems are valuable, and it is vital to have them checked and assessed by licensed professionals. Again, their lack of efficiency could be costing you money and comfort.

Funny noises

Just like with your vehicle, if you notice strange or uncommon sounds, it is usually a sign that things should need assessment. If your gas heating system is making any unusual noise, then have a licensed professional check it out.

You don’t want to take any risks when it comes to the safety of your home and family – and also the chance of wasting hard-earned money through a faulty system.

Check your bills

A good indicator of how your system is performing is to check and monitor your power and gas bills. If you are relatively consistent with your usage, it is easier to tell when there are spikes in price or consumption.

If you notice that you are using the system as much as previously, but the bills seem to be increasing, this could be caused by an inefficient heating system.

Air quality

If you have an underfloor heating system, this point will not apply because heat is transferred from the floor to the room – not by air. But if you have other methods that produce or circulate air, then pay attention to the air quality.

Heat pump

Having a faulty or inefficient heating system can reduce the air quality and cause health problems, especially if you or your family members are asthmatic.

It may be a simple matter of cleaning filters or something deeper that requires analysis. You may begin noticing more dust settling on furniture than usual or a haze.

Keeping an eye on the air quality will ensure you are combating all areas of heating efficiency.

If you need an assessment for your current heating system or perhaps you want to install a heating solution, contact our friendly team at 1300 499 169.

We are fully licensed fitters that can tailor heating solutions for your home or office.

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