Breaking down the types of hydronic heating

Breaking down the types of hydronic heating

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Hydronic heating is the most comfortable and luxurious heat you will ever experience.

This system uses natural convection and radiant heat to achieve the warmth you desire for your home or workplace. Additionally, it does its job effectively without stirring dust and allergens or creating that stuffy feeling many other heating options such as central heating and split system air conditioners create.

Hydronic heating systems can be installed under/in the floor, floor-mounted radiators, wall-mounted radiators or even a combination of these methods. At the heart of the system is a boiler that heats the water. This hot water is then sent from the boiler through the pipes to the heating coils under the floor or in the heat radiating panels. Using natural convection and heat radiation, this gentle warmth will heat your home in silence and comfort.


Despite being one of the oldest home heating systems, radiators are still desirable because of their ability to efficiently heat a room. And now, they’ve got even better!

Radiators work by drawing heat from the water and using that heat to warm up the surroundings through natural convection.


Radiators don’t have fans or blowers. Why? Because the natural circulating air around the room does all the work! As warm air rises, cooler air comes in to take its place – creating a natural draught-free current of air around the radiator.


Boilers, the heart of a hydronic heating system! Condensing boilers are highly regarded for their efficiency and low maintenance cost.

Norwest Gas use a wide range of condensing hydronic boilers. Condensing boilers provide heating through the recovery of wasted heat that is usually expelled into the atmosphere. There is a wide range of boilers available, there are even wood-fired and compact pellet boilers for those needing an alternative to electric and LPG boilers when natural gas is not available.


If you are renovating or looking for alternative heating solutions, then consider underfloor heating. It works by heating your home from the floor upwards.

This form of radiant heating is different from the heat provided by radiators, which works by convection of warm air around the room. The main advantage is its high level of performance.

Radiant heat means that the warmth is concentrated where you need it most. You’ll enjoy uniform heat, with no cold spots or draughts. It’s perfect for human comfort – you won’t get cold feet and you will keep a cool head.

Underfloor heating is quickly becoming the desired choice as it is relatively clean, cost-effective and can heat a whole room or house evenly.

Buildings that are used a lot have other heat sources or have low heat loss are ideal.

Homes, schools, offices, churches, business showrooms, aviaries and horticulture rooms are all perfect examples of areas that would benefit from this type of heating.


Heating the room or building evenly and with little to no maintenance is a massive benefit. You also gain extra space in your rooms because all your heating is under the floor, rather than in a boiler room or a clunky radiator sitting in the corner of the house.

Trench Heating

Trench heating is a heating system that takes away the need to have standard radiators on the wall. Trenches are cut into the floor and a simple ‘convector unit’ is connected up to the heating system and finished with the one key design feature – the grille.

As the system uses natural convection to heat the entire room from floor to ceiling, it can be designed to provide heat wherever it is needed in the room.

Towel Warmers

There is no better experience than that luxurious feeling of a warmed, dry towel after a long shower or bath. Enjoy this feeling at home whenever you want with one of our towel warmers.

Towel warmers offer more than just the luxurious warm dry towel ready-to-use anytime. These also keep your bathroom comfortably warm during those cooler months, particularly being one of the coolest rooms of the house!

Regardless of your style and bathroom layout, Norwest Gas are confident we have a towel warmer to suit. From classic, modern or even an innovative design, contact us today or view samples of the ranges available on our Page.

Hydronic heated towel rails combine both warmth and comfort in one stylish product. The main features you can enjoy mainly include:

  • Availability in a variety of sizes
  • White powder coat or elegant chrome finish
  • Flat or curved styles
  • A tubular design which makes cleaning easy and fast

If you are looking for a hydronic floor heating in Sydney that is traditional like Cast Iron radiators, standard steel panel radiators or something ultra-modern from Europe’s leading hydronic designers, Norwest Gas will find the solution for you.

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