A beginners guide to underfloor heating

A beginners guide to underfloor heating

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Underfloor heating is the ultimate luxurious heating solutions. It works by warming up your home from the floor upwards.

This form of radiant heating is different from the high temperature provided by radiators, which works by convicting warm air around the room.

The main advantage of underfloor heating is its high level of performance. Radiant heat means that the warmth is concentrated where you need it most.

You’ll enjoy uniform heat, with no cold spots or draughts. It’s perfect for human comfort – you won’t get cold feet and you will keep a cool head.

Why hydronic underfloor heating systems are so popular 

If you are renovating or looking for alternative heating solutions, then consider underfloor heating.

Hydronic underfloor heating is quickly becoming the desired choice as it is relatively clean, cost-effective and can evenly heat a whole room or house.

Heating the room or building evenly and with little to no maintenance is a massive benefit. You also gain extra space in your rooms because the entire system is under the floor. This design immediately removes the common space problem with a boiler room or a clunky radiator sitting in the corner of the house.

Underfloor heating has increased energy efficiency, is low maintenance and is completely safe and easy to install.

Benefits of underfloor heating

Some of the key benefits of underfloor heating include design freedom, control and quality assurance.

Since everything is underneath the floor, you have complete freedom to design your room exactly the way you want.

Each room can be individually controlled using an extensive range of electronic controls and thermostats.

When purchasing a full hydronic heating system from Norwest Gas, you are guaranteed quality equipment and workmanship.

Benefits of underfloor heating

What to note when installing underfloor heating

Installation Cost – this varies from business to business. Watch out for cheap deals that often have a poor quality result. This could end in damages or pesky frequent maintenance issues if not installed correctly. Look for trusted heating specialists who have years of experience and know what they are doing for the easiest and safest installation process.

Installation Time – Some businesses offer rapid installations while others take a few days or weeks. In the end, the more thorough and planned your installers are, the more reliable and better the result you will get.

Floor height – If you’re planning on retrofitting underfloor heating, a common concern is the impact the system could potentially have on floor heights.

Servicing – It is recommended that hydronic heating (underfloor and/or radiators) is serviced annually to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Call Sydney’s leading hydronic heating specialist, Norwest Gas to talk about your underfloor heating needs today on 1300 499 169.

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