Thermostats & Pipes

Maintain a comfortable temperate all year round with a thermostat from Norwest.

Thermostats / Pipes

Feeling too hot? You’ll be wanting to cool down, then. Feeling too cold? You’ll need to warm up. Keep the temperature in your home constant with a thermostat from Norwest Gas.

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Honeywell T4 Thermostat

Designed for domestic and light commercial premises, the T4 Series of programmable thermostats simplifies temperature scheduling, offering a level of usability and automated control your customers now expect from today’s technology.

With standardised fittings and wiring, the T4 Series also simplifies the installation process.

Honeywell Wi-Fi 9000 Thermostat

The Wi-Fi 9000 allows you to remotely monitor and manage your home’s comfort and energy usage anytime, anywhere.

With the free Total Connect Comfort app for IOS and Android you can:
• View and change your heating and cooling system settings remotely
• Get temperature alerts via email or in app
• Access multiple locations if more than one system is connected

Immergas CAR V2 Boiler Controller

The Immergas CAR V2 modulating remote control has been designed to guarantee ideal temperature conditions at any time of the day and night, as well as creating a smart, streamlined interface between the user and the boiler.

Salus IT600 Internet Thermostat

The iT600 internet thermostat enables users to control their heating and hot water from anywhere using their smartphone or laptop. • Access and control your heating & hot water via the internet • Your PC and smartphone connects to the system using your existing broadband connection • The internal system is wireless (Zigbee 2.4 MHZ) so it is easy to install • Endless system configurations

Uponor PEX-A 16mm Pipe

Features & Benefits
• Highly flexible • Small bend radius • Least likely to kink • Thermal memory • Shape memory • Highest degree of crosslinking • Greatest resistance to crack propagation