What is Hydronic Heating?

If you’re building or doing extensive renovations, you’ll need to consider the type of heating system you intend to install. If you live in a warm to hot climate, you may not need a sophisticated heating system, but if the temperature dips in winter, you will need a whole-house system that does not cost too much to run. A hydronic heating system might be the ideal solution for you.

Basically, a hydronic heating system uses hot water to provide heating. Hydronic heating systems can be installed under the floor or in wall-mounted radiators. At the heart of the system is the boiler. From the boiler, the hot water is sent through pipes to the heating coils under the floor or in the heat radiating panels. Aside from offering a gentle warmth, hydronic heaters do not blow air into the home. This makes them a healthier heating choice for allergy sufferers.

You can achieve warmth exactly to complement your needs because hydronic heating can be zoned to make sure that the temperature requirement of a particular area in your home will be met.

You can expect to experience the best comfort in your home while enjoying the silent performance of the hydronic heating system.

  • With Hydronic Heating there is no noise, no drafts and no dust or allergens circulating through the house so it is especially attractive to people with allergies or Asthma.
  • Hydronic Heating is safe, efficient and economical and there is also the option to use the system for cooling as well as heating.
  • Hydronic Heating is easy to use and only require the touch of a button to control the system.
  • Hydronic Heating Systems are low maintenance so you are guaranteed years of comfortable, quite, hassle free heating.
  • Hydronic Heating is safe, efficient and economical.
  • Hydronic Heating is easy to use and only require the touch of a button to control the system.
  • Hydronic Heating Systems are low maintenance so you are guaranteed years of comfortable, quite, hassle free heating.

Whether you are looking for something Traditional like Cast Iron radiators, standard steel panel radiators something Ultra Modern from Europe’s leading Hydronic Designers then Norwest Gas are the people to talk to.

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Hydronic heating provides warmth the way nature does by natural convection and radiation and does not dry out the air by burning or cause unpleasant draughts, hot spots and noise.


It is non-allergenic. With radiators and natural convectors there is no forced air circulation through ducts that can accumulate dust and allergens and distribute them throughout the house.


Hydronic heating is safe for elderly people, children and pets. There is no danger of a burn or scald as the system is fully enclosed with radiator temperatures well below boiling point. The surface temperature of natural convectors is pleasantly warm to the touch.


Hydronic heating is environmentally clean with a natural gas or LPG fired boiler simply heating water, which is then circulated. It is a closed system, with radiators and natural convectors providing clean natural heat by radiation and natural convection. This technique eliminates dust and allergens being blown throughout your home.


One of the nicest features of Hurlcon Hydronic Heating is its silence. Anyone used to the noise of wall heaters, space heaters and some fan forced ducted units will be amazed and delighted by the silence of Hurlcon Hydronic Heating. The boiler is away from the room, so there is no blast of hot air or fan noise. From the time you turn your hydronic heater on, there is no sound, just pleasant warmth.


Hurlcon Hydronic Heating is very reliable, simply install and forget it. The only moving parts are in the pump which is used to circulate the hot water to the radiators and convectors. Hurlcon use special pumps designed to give long, trouble-free life. Hurlcon boilers are also designed to withstand the ravages of time. Spare parts although seldom needed are kept in stock for all Hurlcon hydronic heating systems and are available from the Noble Park headquarters.


Hurlcon Hydronic heating is modular and expandable. You can add radiators as your needs change. Simply plumb the new area, install the radiators and the job is done.


Hurlcon have a range of hydronic heating units to provide the ultimate in style and comfort. There is an extensive range of radiator sizes to meet all heating requirements with attractive panels, top grills, and side covers. Thermaboard skirting board convectors can take the place of a skirting board and are available in rolled edge and traditional styles.

Experience the
Hydronic Heating Advantages

Achieve Absolute Comfort

You will never have to deal with cold spots because hydronic heating provides warmth evenly and is not solely dependent on the warm air.

Eliminate Common Health and Safety Risks.

Hydronic heating does not use forced air ventilation so you can be assured that the air you breathe is free of dusts and allergens to prevent the onset of respiratory diseases and allergic reactions.

Hydronic heating will help you in maintaining a clean environment to promote healthy living right at your own home.

Hydronic heating will allow you to relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep without having to deal with changing room temperatures.

Hydronic heating is safe to touch because of the moderated temperature of its radiator panels to leave you with nothing to worry regarding the safety of the children or your pets at home.

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Do your Share in Protecting the Earth

Hydronic heating fosters Eco-friendliness by requiring less energy for its operation.

Hydronic heating excrete lesser carbon emission, an advantage that should protect our world.

Hydronic heating can effectively provide benefits without causing any harm to the environment.

Choose Hydronic Heating and Save on your heating bills today

You can expect greater value for the amount that you invested on Hydronic heating in the long run.

You can take advantage of its low maintenance costs. Hydronic heating uses natural gas fired boilers so its long term costs will perfectly reward the one time-investment that you have placed on it.

You can be assured that Hydronic heating installation will give your home a better value.

You can take advantage of the savings that you will get for being able to preserve the health of your family.

You can be spared of the high maintenance costs because hydronic heating is manufactured under the strictest standards and comes with a warranty to give you the assurance that you will be spared of unnecessary expenses for many years.

Why Hydronic Heating is the Better Choice?

Hydronic Heating is one of the best substitutes from the conventional heating methods, and though there are also benefits that come with the traditional ways, it will be an advantage if we can experience the great effects of heating without necessarily having to deal with the inconveniences that usually come with it.

There are certain restrictions that made traditional heating methods the poor choice in terms of providing the best warmth and comfort for your home. So with all the benefits that come with hydronic heating, there should be no reason for you to settle for second-best when there are other available options that can serve you best.

When you consider your heating options for your house or business, you expect to gain benefits from the investment. Although a hydronic heating system may cost higher than the usual fan-forced duct system, you can enjoy its cost-efficiency as soon as it’s installed!

So while you research your traditional heating solutions, make sure that you look into Hydronic Heating as it could be suitable for your requirements. It will allow you to enjoy your surroundings on the coldest of days, while saving the environment and keeping your costs down. Norwest Gas heating experts are happy to speak to you further about Hydronic Heating – just give us a call!

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How much does Hydronic Heating Cost to Run ?

Running costs of Hydronic Heating can be very low compared to other types of heating. If you have a gas boiler, the water used for heating is recycled through the boiler. Because it is still warm when it reaches the boiler, less gas is required to reheat it. This helps make the running cost of a gas Hydronic Heater about 20 to 30 percent lower than a conventional ducted gas heating system.

Tips for Reducing the Running Costs of Your Hydronic Heating

There are several things you can do to reduce the running costs of a hydronic heating system even further:

  1. Choose a high-efficiency system designed for the area you need to heat
  2. Lower the thermostat just one degree and save up to 10 percent on your running costs
  3. Install a zone system so you can heat only the areas of your house that need heating
  4. Have your heating service annually to maintain top efficiency and ensure your system lasts longer

A higher efficiency system will include things like insulated pipes to reduce heat loss. Scheduling annual service calls will insure your system is running at peak performance and efficiency.

Cost and prices  are indicative and should only be used as a guide. They also vary locally and are subject to market forces.


I have an old house, is it possible to add Hydronic Heating?

Yes, you require advice from a licensed installer but most houses can have Hydronic heating installed at any time.

I own a motel. Is Hydronic heating a suitable heating solution?

Yes. In fact it is an ideal solution because every occupant can adjust the temperature to suit themselves and unoccupied rooms can have the Hydronic heating turned off without affecting the others. Our hydronic heating is also used in hospitals, nursing homes and special accommodation for the elderly for the same reasons.

Is there any benefit to insulation?

As with all heating, insulation improves the effectiveness by reducing heat loss through walls and ceilings. The boiler is not running as often for a given output thus saving fuel bills.

I would love to have my kitchen heated, but i don't have wall space.

We have a range of skirting board convectors and hideaway units which provide solutions to this problem.

I have young children and I worry about them getting burnt.

Our Hydronic heating radiators are warm to the touch and there is no heat source in the room. They are the safest heating for young children and the elderly.

What Makes Hydronic Heating so economical to operate ?

A high efficiency boiler is used to heat water which is circulated throughout the hydronic heating system. Each area can be individually controlled so you only use the amount of heat you need.


Hurlcon Trench Heaters

Hurlcon Hydronic Heating’s Australian designed and manufactured hydronic trench natural convector heating is becoming increasingly popular as floor to ceiling windows, stacker and bifold doors leave little available wall space in contemporary Australian housing design.
Powder coated black on the inside and insulated on the outside, Hurlcon Hydronic Heating’s hydronic trench natural convector systems are built into the floor along large glass areas, serving as a buffer of warmth against the cold, optimising thermal comfort inside without compromising space or views.
For your peace of mind Hurlcon Hydronic Heating offer a 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects.
As trench heaters are not supplied with grilles, choose from our Mohlenhoff designer series in various finishes, or our Hurlcon Hydronic Heating designer grilles manufactured using sustainable local timbers.

Hurlcon Thermaboard Skirting Board Convectors

Australian designed and manufactured Hurlcon Thermaboard skirting board natural convectors are an unobtrusive, discreet and natural way to centrally heat any area.

  • High efficiency low H2O copper and aluminium water to air heat exchanger fitted with manual air vent
  • Faster heat up times for reduced  operating costs
  • High heat output at low water  temperatures
  • Low surface temperature  casing to comply with aged care facilities, child minding nurseries or anywhere safety is of the highest priority
  • Clean slow air movement,  no dust circulation to affect allergy sufferers
  • Valves and pipework concealed within the casing for a sleek, streamlined look
  • Removable front panel for easy installation and cleaning
  • Scratch resistant powder coating
  • 10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Finned tube

A design feature and an efficient heat source for large rooms, or to guard against cold downdraughts beside large window panels.

With an expression that can be raw and rustic or beautifully integrated into the architecture through the choice of colours and installation, finned tubes are ideal for all kinds of renovation projects and in new property – from industrial and agricultural complexes to offices and public buildings. Finned tubes can be used individually or in groups, and can be mounted in a wide variety of different ways on walls, floors or ceilings. The heat output is optimised via carefully calculated relations between the individual elements.

The MEINERTZ Finned Tubes can also come as curved tubes, when the architecture involves curving facades or vaulted ceilings, the space heating can harmonise with the concept. MEINERTZ can also Plain Tubes as a solution, which are both distinctive and minimalist. The round forms can harmonise with arches and columns, provide a contrast to rectangular architecture, or mark the transition from floor to glass.

Both MEINERTZ Finned Tubes and Plain Tubes are available in individual dimensions. Furthermore, you can choose between many different kinds of standard brackets for wall, floor and ceiling and powder-lacquered in any RAL or NCS colours.