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No matter what your heating requirement, be it for your Swimming Pool, Outdoor area at your Home, Club, Pub or Restaurant or your Factory or even a Nursing Home…Norwest Gas are suppliers and installers of a diverse heating range solutions for any and all of your outdoor, industrial, gas and hydronic heating needs.

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There is no need to have a cold pool anymore!

You paid a lot for your pool and you spend time keeping it clean all year, so why not use it whenever you like? How would you like your pool to be lovely and warm TODAY instead of only during a summer heatwave! It’s a shame having this lovely sunny weather in Sydney and a cold pool that you can’t use. However, Norwest Gas pool heating professionals can make your pool warm all year round! We offer the best pool heating advice and we guarantee you’ll be happy with our gas pool heating service. With the help of Norwest Gas, you will enjoy swimming in your pool any time of year!

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